LED Headlight Kit
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The kit consists of a pair 7” glass “bulbs” that closely resemble the original look of the sealed beams and uses H4 LED elements. The LED that is provided uses the latest CREE XHP-50 chips and are the brightest in use. The light output is 3500 Lumens (Low Beam) and 4800 Lumens (High Beam) compared to the sealed beams at 700 Lumens (Low Beam) and 1200 Lumens (High Beam). The LED has a life expectancy of 30,000 hours. If your headlights were aimed properly, the LED low beam cutoff is the same.

The LEDs consume far less current than a conventional bulb. On low beams they only draw 3.72 Amps (6.4 Amps on High Beams) for both headlights compared to 5.82 Amps (Low Beams) and 10.82 Amps (High Beam) for the sealed beams. This takes a significant load off of our electrical systems. They also run much cooler and incorporate a novel braided heat sink instead of other types which use aluminum heat sinks and cooling fans which are prone to failure. At this time only negative ground systems are offered.

The kit is very easy to install.  Simply remove the original sealed beam bulbs, plug the H4 pigtail into the vehicle wiring harness and reinstall. The entire operation takes about 15 minutes. Included are the 2 glass bulbs, 2 LED units, installation instructions and headlight alignment instructions.

The kit price includes shipping to the US. For orders outside of the US please contact us directly. http://velocesolutionsllc.com/contactus.sc


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LED Headlight Kit

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